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    Habitat for Humanity Canada

    Genworth Canada is a longstanding supporter of Habitat for Humanity Canada (Habitat). Over the past decade we have donated more than $2 million to Habitat affiliates, and our employees have contributed countless hours of labour on build sites across the country.

    Building Blocks Campaign

    Genworth Canada has made a three-year $100,000 commitment to Habitat for Humanity Toronto (Habitat GTA) to help fund future land development through their Building Blocks Campaign. The campaign is aimed at raising money for Habitat GTA’s largest project expenditure – everything that happens before the shovels go in the ground. While every volunteer that comes out to help build a Habitat home is a key cog in the process, there are a lot of things required to get to that point. The Building Blocks Campaign will secure funds that will be used for critical elements, such as land and asset purchase, permits, development planning and architectural and engineering consultants.

    Canada Builds

    Habitat for Humanity Canada (“Habitat”) recently launched an entirely new way for Canadians to engage in the mission of Habitat, and give back to Canadian communities. Recognizing that many Canadian communities face serious challenges creating affordable and sustainable housing as a result of limited build seasons, natural disasters or remote locations – Genworth Canada committed $260,000 over three years to help launch and implement the Canada Builds program – an extension of Habitat’s Global Villages program. Through Canada Builds, Habitat will send teams of volunteers to a variety of locations to support the construction of Habitat homes and help build stronger communities across the country. Visit for more information.

    The Path to Home Program

    Genworth Canada is a longstanding supporter of Habitat for Humanity Canada (HFHC). 2012 marked the third year of our $1 million three-year commitment to Habitat for Humanity’s “The Path to Home” project – a program that supports homebuilding grants in communities across Canada. We recently renewed this $1 million commitment over three years to further support their mission of making homeownership affordable for more Canadian families.

    Our employees contributed more than 1000 volunteer hours to Habitat in 2014; from working on construction sites, Habitat Re-Stores, and sitting on local boards and committees – our people were proud to step up to help Canadian families.


    Genworth crew at Habitat for Humanity

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    Outstanding Corporation of the Year Award 2017

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    Homeowner Assistance Program

    A sudden job loss, illness, injury, marital breakdown or other life altering situation, can have a devastating impact on a homeowner’s financial well-being and threaten their ability to meet their mortgage payments. Genworth Canada’s Homeowner Assistance Program was designed to help families stay in their homes while they struggle to manage through temporary financial difficulties. By avoiding foreclosure, we not only help prevent a family from losing their home, but we also avoid a claim and help preserve the stability of our housing market. While a solution is not available in every case, we take great pride in helping those we can, mainly through increasing amortization periods, partial or shared payment plans, or deferred payments. We’ve helped over 41,000 families stay in their home since 1995 and in 2016 we helped 5,461 families.

    HomeOwner Assistance Program

    Genworth Canada’s Wall of HOAP: thank you notes from homeowners we helped through our HomeOwner Assistance Program.

    Here are just a few examples of what Genworth has done to help homeowners, across Canada, stay in their homes:

    Taking time off to care for ourselves or a sick loved one can quickly drain our financial resources. The loss of income can threaten our ability to pay a mortgage and to hold onto a home.

    A homeowner in Quebec took extended time off work to provide special medical care for her disabled child; ineligible for government assistance, she fell behind on her mortgage payments. To help keep this family in their home, Genworth Canada made an arrangement with her lender that gave her needed relief from her mortgage payments until after she was able to return to work.

    Losing a loved one is a painful emotional experience; it can also leave loved ones with unaffordable funeral costs that can threaten their ability to pay their mortgage.

    A homeowner in New Brunswick experienced the tragedies of losing both her husband and her mother within the span of a year. The financial burden of both funeral costs made it impossible for her to keep up with her mortgage payments. Genworth Canada worked with this homeowner and her lender to help convert her mother’s suite into an income-generating rental unit that gave her the ability to afford her mortgage, and enjoy a bit of extra breathing room.

    Losing a job or suffering an unexpected loss of income is the single biggest threat to losing a home. For those with temporary struggles, Genworth is often able to help.

    After many years of loyal service, a homeowner in Ontario lost his job when his employer closed its doors. Genworth worked with his lender to find a solution that gave the homeowner and his family some financial flexibility, allowing them to keep their home while he temporarily withdrew from the workforce to pursue training in a new trade.

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    Affordable Homeownership Programs

    Genworth Canada works closely with various agencies to support affordable housing initiatives across the country. We are proud sponsors of The Canadian Housing & Renewal Association, the national voice for the full range of affordable housing and homelessness issues and solutions. In addition, we provided support for programs such as the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Urban and Rural (FIMUR) Homeownership Program in Ontario, several projects of the Attainable Housing Corporation in Calgary (AB), the Accès Condos program in Montréal (QC), the Affordable Home Ownership Assistance program in Grande Prairie (AB) and the Equity Loan program for the City of Saskatoon (SK), among others. We do this by working closely with municipalities and local housing associations to adapt our underwriting criteria to help enhance access to homeownership.

    Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services

    In 2012, the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services announced the FIMUR 2012/15 Housing Program as part of the Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario program. Genworth Canada is proud to help facilitate  homeownership through FIMUR’s Assisted Homeownership Program.

    Supporting housing projects across Canada

    Genworth Canada is constantly looking for new ways to make homeownership more affordable for Canadians. We provide mortgage insurance support for initiatives sponsored by government and non-profit entities,  developers and lenders.

    Through our work with the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, and our proactive work with other industry players, we continue to increase our involvement with innovative projects that enhance access to affordable homeownership. As part of our mandate, we look at ways to adapt our underwriting process to meet the demands of specific programs, and we sometimes even offer reduced mortgage insurance premium rates for properties associated with these programs.

    In 2011, we approved 344 mortgage applications relating to affordable housing projects across the country and looking ahead we have approved 13 new projects and programs in communities across Canada. We worked closely with Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation (AHCC) to support their first project, Treo at Beacon Heights. AHCC is a non-profit organization owned by the City of Calgary, and created to empower hard-working middle-income Calgarians to move from ‘the rental market’ to homeownership. We are also excited about our involvement in supporting an important housing project in Regina, Saskatchewan, that will provide affordable housing for 126 individuals and families.

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    Sponsoring home in Toronto


    A photo of a poster made by the 12 kids moving into the home Genworth Canada is sponsoring in Toronto at Runnymede and St.Clair.

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